Payment information

The ISIPO accepts payment by bank transfer. Please find our bank account details below.

Please add a bank transfer fee of ISK 700 to the total amount. Please also send a copy of the receipt to including the IP identification number.

Bank account:

Banks name: Landsbankinn hf
Banks address: Austurstræti 11, 155 Reykjavík
Account's holder: Hugverkastofan
Account’s holder address: Engjateigur 3, 105 Reykjavík
IBAN: IS71 0111 2601 2189 6501 9121 89
Account Number: 0111-26-12189

Can foreign citizens register IP in Iceland?

Yes, but please be informed that if the proprietor of the IP is not domiciled in Iceland, they must appoint an agent registered in the European Economic Area, a member state of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) or the Faroe Islands. The proprietor must authorise this agent to receive summons, as well as other notification concerning the IP on their behalf, with binding effect on the proprietor.

How do I renew my trademark registration? 

If you have an Icelandic electronic ID, it is easiest to use the electronic renewal form. If not, please fill out a paper application form and send a copy to the ISIPO. Regrettably, application forms are only available in Icelandic.

How do I validate my European patent (EP) in Iceland?

For EP patents to take effect in Iceland an Icelandic translation of the claims and title must be submitted to the ISIPO within four (4) months of the entry into force at the EPO.

What is your policy regarding electronic filing?

The ISIPO fully accepts electronically filed documents and applications, either through online registration or as documents sent by email or fax. Pursuant to the Icelandic Act on Administrative Procedures, No. 37/1993, the ISIPO also accepts electronic documents when laws or regulations require original documents or a hand-written signature. However, the ISIPO reserves the option to request the original document should it deem this to be necessary, for example, if there is any speculation on the authenticity of the document.

This applies to all communication including applications for extension of patent protection and international patent and trademark applications.