A revised strategic policy of the ISIPO took effect on the 1st of May along with a new organisational chart.

The strategic policy places an emphasises on the continued development of an efficient and user-centered customer service. Therefore, the development of digital solutions and information dissemination will play a key role in the ISIPO’s work and projects over the coming years.

A continued emphasis will be placed on improving the ISIPO’s image and increasing IP awareness. Furthermore, the ISIPO will focus on creating an attractive workplace in parallel with promoting a fiscally and environmentally responsible operation.

The organisational changes will support the goals of the revised strategic policy in a transparent manner og are intended to strengthen the ISIPO’s internal and external activities. There will also be a renewed emphasis on the flow of information and knowledge through the establishing of a cross-functional team structure.

Organizational chart 2021


Jón Gunnarsson

Jón Gunnarsson

Communication Manager