The ISIPO participated in the Icelandic Innovation Week that took place for the second time from 26 May till 2 June.

Innovation and IP

The ISIPO organised an event in cooperation with NSA Ventures that focused on how intellectual property can be used to achieve success in innovation. The seminar featured presentations by Karl Ægir Karlsson, founder and CEO of 3Z pharmaceuticals, Guðbjörg Rist, CEO of Atmonia, Guðmundur Þór Reynaldsson, IP manager of Marel, and Hilmar Bragi Janusson, CEO of Iðunnar investment fund. They shared the experiences of successful innovation companies and the opportunities and threats that companies face today when dealing with IP. Borghildur Erlingsdóttir, Director General of the ISIPO, chaired the meeting and a roundtable with participants.

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Recording of the meeting on Facebook (in Icelandic)

Recording of the meeting on Youtube (In Icelandic)


The ISIPO opened a "pop-up" office in Gróska during the Innovation Week. The pop-up was open on 26 May and 31 May and gave entrepreneurs, innovators and others the opportunity to visit ISIPO staff for a light chat or advice on how to protect and manage intellectual property in innovation.

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"Að Rata í frumkvöðlaumhverfinu" unconference

The innovation consultancy RATA offered aspiring, new and current entrepreneurs to participate in a special edition of their monthly networking and information event, "Að Rata í frumkvöðlaumhverfinu" to celebrate the Icelandic Innovation Week. The event, which has been held every month for the last year, serves as a hub of information on the innovation ecosystem and disseminates it to Icelandic entrepreneurs.

The special edition of the event was a socalled "online unconference" where participants were given the opportunity to meet members of the innovation support network and ask them freely on all matters relating to the innovation process. At the ISIPO's room, entrepreneurs had the chance to discuss the role of IP as well as protecting and managing IP in the innovation process.

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The ISIPO has been a proud partner of the Icelandic Innovation Week from its establishment in 2020. The purpose of the Icelandic Innovation Week is to increase the access and visibility of innovation in Iceland and demonstrate how innovation can operate in all and across all industries. The event is meant to increase awareness of innovation that takes place in Iceland within organisations, companies and start-ups where innovative solutions, different approaches to creativity and dynamic entrepreneurs are in the spotlight.

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Jón Gunnarsson

Jón Gunnarsson

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