Patents Act No 17/1991

Patent Regulation No 477/2012 as amended with Regulations Nos. 938/2013 and 655/2018.

Act respecting Employees' Inventions No 72/2004

Regulation on Compulsory licenses Relating to the Export of Pharmaceutical Products to Developing Countries and to Countries Struggling with Severe Public Health Problems No 1011/2006.

Act on the application of Article 65 of the Convention on the Grant of European Patents, concluded in London on October 17th 2000, available here. Entered into force in Iceland on November 7th 2000.

Act on the revision of the European Patent Convention, approved in Munich on November 29th 2000, as well as the entry into force of the provisions of Act no. 17/1991 on Patents, with subsequent amendments, available here. Entered into force in Iceland on April 10th 2008.

Trademark Act No 45/1997  

Trademark Regulation No 850/2020

Iceland follows the latest version of the The Nice Classification, cf. Advertisement No 1061/2019 (only available in Icelandic)

Advertisement for registration of trademarks and quality marks owned by the employer in certain foreign countries, No 228/1990. The advertisement is only available in Icelandic.

Design Act No 46/2001, available here

Design Regulation No 706/2001, available here

Act on the Protection of Regional Lighting in Semiconductors, No 78/1993. The act is only available in Icelandic.