Today the Icelandic Intellectual Property Office celebrates its 30th anniversary. On the 1st of July 1991 the office, then the Icelandic Patent Office, opened its doors for the first time in Reykjavík. Throughout the years the office has undergone a lot of changes in line with the growing importance of intellectual property to industry, business, and innovation. In its first year of operations, the Icelandic Patent Office registered approximately 1,000 trademarks compared to more than 4,000 registered trademarks in the year 2020.

It is appropriate that Morgunblaðið announced the opening of the Icelandic Patent Office on the 11th of July 1991 in an article with the headline “Improved service to industry with patent office” as our role and emphasis has always been to serve Icelandic industry, business and innovation with the needs of our customers as our guiding light.

The ISIPO will celebrate the occasion with an international conference on the 4th of November in Harpa conference hall, Reykjavík. The conference, “IP and sustainability: Innovation for a brighter future”, will focus on the interrelation between intellectual property, innovation and sustainability and how intellectual property can play a role in creating a more sustainable and prosperous future. The conference will be streamed online for a wider audience. Additional information about the event will be released in due course.

Jón Gunnarsson

Jón Gunnarsson

Communication Manager