The Icelandic Intellectual Property Office now accepts electronic filing of all documents and applications, either through online registration or documents sent through email or fax. Applicants will, of course, still be able to file documents and communications on paper if they choose to do so.

Taking into account the Act on Administrative Procedures, No. 37/1993, the Office will now accept electronic documents when laws or regulations require original documents or a hand-written signature.

However, the Office retains the possibility of requesting the original document should the Office deem it necessary, for example if there is doubt as to the authenticity of the document.

This change is applicable for all communications, including applications for extension of patent protection and international patent and trademark applications.

Electronic filing of all documents is in line with the ISIPO's strategic policy 2018-2021 where special emphasis is placed on the further development of digital services.

Jón Gunnarsson

Jón Gunnarsson

Communication Manager