On July 1st the name of the Office was changed to The Icelandic Intellectual Property Office (ISIPO). The Icelandic parliament, Althingi, passed a law on the name change on the 2nd of May 2019. The name change is a milestone for the office and will allow us to better serve the needs of Icelandic industry and help promote innovation, research- and development.

The new law does not change the mandate or functions of the office.

The name change is in line with Iceland‘s Intellectual Property Policy for 2016-2022 and the strategic plan of the Icelandic Patent Office for the years 2018 – 2021 which was drafted in cooperation with the Office‘s stakeholders. The change is also in line with developments elsewhere as numerous patent and trademark offices have changed their names in recent years to more accurately describe their activities.

Further information regarding the name change can be found at www.hugverk.is/name_change.
Further press enquiries: Jón Gunnarsson, Communication Manager, +354 848 4847 or jon@isipo.is

Jón Gunnarsson

Jón Gunnarsson

Communication Manager