The Icelandic Intellectual Property Office (ISIPO) is a government agency under the auspices of the Minister of Industries and Innovation. The Office's organisation and scope of operation are defined by Advertisement No. 187/1991 and Regulation No. 188/1991. The Office is responsible for issues relating to patents, trademarks, design protection, municipal emblems and other comparable rights as provided for by law, regulations and international agreements on the protection of intellectual property rights in the field of industry.  

ISIPO is under obligation to provide private persons, institutions and commercial undertakings with information and consultancy services on matters pertaining to intellectual property rights in the industry. Moreover, the Office is under obligation to ensure that information on new technology and knowledge protected by intellectual property laws is made available to the public. The ISIPO‘s Gazette (”ELS-tíðindi”), publishes advertisements and announcements relating to applications and registrations in the field of patents, trademarks, municipal emblems and design. The Gazette is published in electronic format and appears on the 15th of each month on the Office's website 

Since 2006, ISAC (Icelandic Board for Technical Accreditation) has been operating within the ISIPO. ISAC is an independent department and the scope of operation is defined by  Act No. 24/2006. 

See organisational chart below.

Organizational chart - ISIPO

Executive Management Team

Borghildur Erlingsdottir 
Director General 

Elfa Isholm Olafsdottir
Head of Operation

Petur Vilhjalmsson
Head of Production


The ISIPO has 38 employees situated at the office in Reykjavik. Our employees have various educational backgrounds and extensive knowledge in all areas of intellectual property law. With our combined expertise, we work to increase business owners' awareness of how they can use intellectual property rights as a strategic business tool, in order to increase the value of their business and strengthen their competitiveness. 

Stofnun ársins 2019


The Icelandic Intellectual Property Office is committed to providing good and competent services. ISIPO is quality certified according to the international standard ISO 9001-2015. By employing an active quality management system, the Office seeks to meet the expectations and needs of customers and interested parties, as well as those of employees, through harmonisation and improvements in the work of the Office.  

A vital part of the standard is to communicate with customers and if possible, to adjust services to their needs. Customer surveys are conducted every three years. The results provide information on how customers value our business and performance and help us to improve our overall performance. All processes are documented, in order for the employees to know what is expected of them and what their responsibilities are. 

Strategic policy 2018-2021


As the intellectual property office for Iceland, we are focused on delivering professional and trustworthy services to our clients and we aim to be an attractive workplace. We are dedicated to spreading knowledge and awareness of IP and we have an active and open dialogue with our community on issues related to IP.


We are dedicated to make the ISIPO a leader in the field of intellectual property in Iceland and abroad as an active partner in international cooperation.



The Strategic Policy has 5 main areas of focus

1. ISIPO awareness and cooperation with stakeholders.
2. Awareness of IP and its implications on value creation and innovation.
3. Service development with an emphasis on digital solution and customer needs.
4. The ISIPO as an attractive workplace that focuses on respect, professionalism and trust.
5. Environmental impact.